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In my field, many children come to harvest carrots and spend two hours digging one, eating it, and digging another and eating it.


Children who come to the fields are always eating sweet carrots.


About “Saikou Yasai” who produces carrots with a sugar content of 14 degrees


Hi, I'm Saikou Yasai !

A full-time farmer who has been growing carrots, cabbage, and Chinese cabbage on the Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture for over 10 years.

This is the point!

We have a history of producing and shipping "Aichi Prefecture Organic JAS Carrots," which were the first in Aichi Prefecture to obtain organic JAS certification. ( JAS=Japanese Agricultural Standards )


These are the carrots!


In this page, I introduce myself and tell which the type of people I am writing for.


First of all, this website is written for...

I recommend this site for those who want to....

  • start a home vegetable garden
  • learn techniques to continue growing vegetables in their home garden
  • learn the wisdom and techniques of farmers
  • increase the yield per area

And those who have started a home garden, but are having trouble growing vegetables properly. I am writing this for people like these.

There are over 50 articles just on cabbage cultivation. Therefore, I have created pages that are easy to understand and use photos and videos as much as possible to help you solve problems.


I myself studied at university to become a registered dietitian. Looking at the data on the declining nutritional value of vegetables in the food analysis table, I was really shocked at the time.

After that, I started making carrots with organic JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards), and they were grown on an area of up to 20,000 square meters.

(About twice the area of Nagoya Dome. Capacity is 50,000 people)


One of the fields producing organic JAS ginseng


The highest sugar content of carrots has been recorded at around 13 degrees (Almost the same as sweet watermelon). (2020)
Recorded the highest sugar content of carrots at 14 degrees (2022)


Received an award for excellence at the carrot show.


If you are interested in agriculture or home gardening, I think you can get an image of the area planted and the sugar content, so I hope this helps you to imagine what kind of farm I am.

As a first-generation farmer, I was able to continue growing vegetables from scratch for over 10 years thanks to the help of many predecessors.


The reasons why you want to start a home garden could be...

  • Looks like fun
  • Already have a field
  • Want to eat good vegetables etc...

I think there are many reasons to start.


However, there are less places on the internet where you can easily access to the information on how to grow vegetables from scratch in the world of vegetable growing.

The basics of the vegetable growing have not changed since ancient times. This is because, for producers, the technology and wisdom to grow vegetables is an asset, a source of pride, and a commitment.


I had the opportunity to go to Kumamoto, a major carrot producing area, for training, and the knowledge I learned is alive.


On the other hand, this website is about my successes and failures from my own experiences, rather than the superficial instructions on how to make vegetables that are written everywhere on the internet.

  • How to grow vegetables from scratch
  • How to recover from a flooded field to a good field
  • How to make clay fields fluffy

and more...

This is a website where you can watch the process from preparing the soil to growing vegetables every year.


My daily life

First, I would like introduce myself a little bit.


Me and my son 🙂


  • I love eating vegetables.
  • I make vegetables such as cabbage to eat a lot.
  • I usually make and eat juice and delicious vegetable meals every morning.
    (drink carrot juice which have been drank by cancer patients and people who are interested in maintaining their health


I like home-cooked food! And in particular, I eat vegetables that I have grown myself every day!!


In university, I was in the faculty of  Management and Nutrition
→ growing organic vegetables
→ slow life with gardening
→ writing blogs about farming
→ now

I enjoy making vegetables and having fun with my family.

Vegetables in each season I cultivate!

Such as...

cabbage dishes in spring,

eggplant, cucumber, and okra dishes in summer,

autumn dishes include lettuce, komatsuna(Japanese mustard spinach), and spinach,

Chinese cabbage and carrot dishes in winter.


Check out comments from health managers and cancer patients

Article:【2021】Effects of carrot juice, Storage period of carrots, Drinking period of the juice (This is written by Japanese.)



This is a site that systematically explains how to grow specific vegetables that are difficult even for professional farmers.

Cultivating the specific vegetables means aiming for the desired size and quality.

To sell at the direct sales store in just the right size, you need to decide on the right spacing and plant.

The weather can cause your fields to flood or even pests to appear, but you can predict these problems, so all you have to do is prepare and take action.

It's very interesting if the vegetables turn out exactly as intended, and if they don't, you can probably figure out what went wrong.

When I search for problems such as ``cabbage cultivation  small,'' this site comes up.

And feel like

Let's try this next year

Then, I will find my ``next challenge''.


This feeling should be shared by both farmers and home gardeners.

What you can find on this website is based on my experience as a farmer, rather than generalizations about what kind of troubles occur and how to deal with them effectively.


【Easy to use】 Saikou Yasai uses a “specific technique” that comes from the experience of farmers

The biggest reason why home vegetable gardeners can utilize this website is that they can directly apply what farmers are growing vegetables to their own fields.

  1.  Concrete written contents, not abstract and ambiguous information
  2. By writing about the materials and tools necessary for growing vegetables from a professional perspective, you can think about whether or not these tools and seeds can be used in your own garden, not searching for new tools.

In other words, you can directly learn about the knowledge and experience of farmers who grow vegetables every day.


Actually, farmers may not want to disclose their technology.

How do you think?

Farmers make a living by growing and supplying vegetables, so they may think that if their cultivation techniques are known, it will be difficult to sell their vegetables.

That's why it takes time to get to know farmers, gain their trust, and get them to teach us.

What I am disclosing here is to build trust on the web.

Rather than those who stumble and give up on home gardening, those who succeed in their gardening, make a profit, and deepen their knowledge of ``I should do this next time'' better understand the importance and difficulty of vegetables.

If we had more people like that, I think our value as farmers would increase.

Rather than being told, ``You don't do a good job as a farmer,'' I would be happier if an elderly farmer told me, ``You're great. You're doing such a difficult job of farming.''

I think the reason they say that is because they should know how difficult and important it is.


Personal skills of Saikou Yasai @Agricultural programmer


A8net Media of the Year 2020 Award

I am highly regarded for my website management and SEO measures, and I have the following achievements as a programmer.

  • Income as a programmer of about 50,000 yen per month
  • Create HTML learning materials for inexperienced people
  • Create CSS learning materials for inexperienced people
  • Instruction on how to launch a homepage using WordPress
  • Measure the volume of keywords and guide you to rewrite from 6th place to 1st place
  • Guidance on growing vegetables
  • The number of accesses to this website is about 15,000-25,000 PV/month (2020)
  • The number of accesses to this website is about 15,000-65,000 PV/month (2023)
  • Using Live2D Cubism to sell distribution materials for Vtubers
  • More than 1000 YouTube subscribers. (2023)
    (The software I use for video editing is Power Director 365)

The PC I use is a mouse computer.


Studied registered diet at university and began producing organic JAS vegetables.

I have been producing carrots and cabbage since 2010.

  • Low amount of organic JAS vegetables
  • The nutritional value of vegetables has decreased
    (nutrients per 100g have decreased compared to the food composition table)

After I recognized this current situation from my experience in the field, nutritional diet therapy for hospital food, and started producing organic JAS vegetables.

After started with vegetable cultivation using organic JAS cultivation and natural farming methods, we supplied carrots, as the first organic JAS products in Aichi Prefecture, to around 20 Frante supermarkets in Nagoya City from November to April through distribution channels.

Thankfully, it was well received and we were able to expand our sales channels.

Of course, there are various problems and challenges, and we continue to sell while dealing with them.


Started distribution to the restaurant and ready-made meal industries. Shipping amount to 100t

This is the reason why the shipment volume of Saikou Yasai has increased to 100 tons per year.

I think these people can understand that ``Pests, diseases, and grass are too tough.''

  • Those who have experience in organic JAS cultivation
  • Those who are still making products using organic JAS
  • Those who grow vegetables without pesticides in their home gardens


The weather has changed considerably from 10 years ago.

It is not clear whether this is due to global warming, but the fact is that long periods of rain lasting from two weeks to a month occur several times a year.

The area where I grow vegetables has "fairly harsh clay soil", which makes it difficult to grow carrots on a large scale. (This is because when it rains, the tractor cannot enter the field for a week to a month. *It varies depending on the amount of rain.)


  • If you don't sow carrot seeds between August and September, you won't be able to harvest them between November and April.
  • Two weeks of rain becomes commonplace from August to September.
  • Tractors cannot enter the field because of the clay soil.
  • Because it is organic JAS, it is full of grass.
  • No income and there is nothing you can do.

This outrageous situation has become normal weather 💦

It took several years of trial and error, but as the yield decreased year by year, I shifted their focus to cabbage, a local specialty.

With the help of my existing sales partners, I will increase the number of items to 100 tons per year.


Have you stopped growing organic JAS vegetables?

I have stopped growing organic JAS certified vegetables because I had no choice but to stop.

(The profit has decreased compared to the cost of JAS certification.)

Instead, I have decided to offer carrots exclusively to those who come to the harvest festival, making full use of our knowledge and experience of organic JAS cultivation and natural farming.


I'm playing at the harvest festival as I like.

About 100 to 200 people participate and enjoy themselves in these years.

And here comes the main point.


What is “vegetable production that contributes more than organic JAS” in response to the three current situations?

Reasons why I try to change the distribution of vegetables.


3 current situations that I found.

  1. The ready-made meals and restaurant industry currently accounts for half of the demand in the vegetable market of Japan.
  2. In fact, even as a farmer myself, I often buy side dishes and eat them with my children.
  3. In the restaurant industry, both domestically produced (market distributed) and overseas produced vegetables are used.

I decided to use our knowledge and experience of organic JAS and natural farming to replace the above three current situations.

The title is

``Growing vegetables that contribute to better health than organic JAS''.


After obtaining organic JAS certification, looking at large-scale production areas, and growing about 5 hectares of carrots,

we recognized that ...

  • The demand for organic JAS and natural farming methods is not as high as expected.
  • Organic JAS was only about 1% of the distribution amount.
  • It's difficult to distribute the product just because it was sold with JAS certification.


Nowadays, there is more space for organic JAS vegetables to be sold in supermarkets than before, and I feel that the distribution percentage of the vegetable market as a whole has increased.

Even so, as a vegetable producer, Saikou Yasai will be trying to replace to better healthy ingredients for restaurants and the ready-made meal industry because half of the meals people while raising our children or working are eaten out or as side dishes.


About the production amount of Saikou Yasai vegetables

Now distributing to supermarkets and ready-meal stores


It is currently being distributed to delicatessen stores, especially about 100 tons of cabbage grown in my field is distributed to supermarkets and delicatessen shops each year.

In addition, for individuals who want delicious and healthy vegetables can take them home at the Harvest Festival, which is held regularly for five months from late autumn to early spring from November to April every year.

Only people who takes part in the Harvest Festival can get vegetables.

Article: Handa City Carrot Harvest Festival. Delicious vegetables for parents and children from November to March. (This is written by Japanese.)


The vegetable work has been going on for 14 years and can be completed in half a day.
Farming with my son from early in the morning is a good thing that gives me fun and a regular lifestyle.


【Learn how to farm】Information dissemination for people who want to learn how to grow vegetables

What can you do?

I started disseminating information about growing vegetables in November 2019.

If you want to learn
how to grow vegetables in a thorough and systematic way, this website is the best for you. Check out the articles that interest you by category.

If you want to know
what to do when growing vegetables right now, you can watch Saikou Yasai /Adult Agriculture School on YouTube.

If you are a fan
who would like to see my daily activities, please check out Twitter as I tweet things like ``YouTube has grown!''

Thesedays, I farm early in the morning and write articles for beginners to learn how to grow vegetables in their home garden or as a side job.

In addition to growing vegetables, please take a look at Saikou Yasai, which provides information on growing vegetables for beginners.


I accept inquiries on Twitter.


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